Frequently Asked Questions

How do you collect the data?

Data is collected through Twitter API and some other hand-made scripts.

Is the source code available?

The source code of this site is not yet available. it will be, depending of the future evolution the site.

Are deleted tweets archived?

Yes, if the scripts had the needed time to retrieve them from Twitter. Globally, a new tweet is retrieved in 10 minutes. If the deletion happened before 10 minutes after it has been posted, it will probably be not available on the site.

From which date the tweets are collected?

Depending of the accounts, since January 1st 2010 or January 1st 2012

Some tweets do not show any retweeters on your site, while they exist on Twitter. Why?

Retrieving the list of retweeters is particularly slow due to the limitation of the Twitter API. The update of retweeters can take some days and is not updated so frequently.

Why did you build this website?

Because I like the "political world", statistics, and because I am sure that in the future, a full presidential election will be won by using statistics and machine learning, if not already the case.

This website has bugs, is it normal?

No. Do not hesitate to send me an email.

I would like a statistic that is not present on your website, could you help me?

Potentially, yes. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss your idea.